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29 mayo, 2014

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A very simple and lady look.  It´s for those women who like going to work any day with an elegant outfit.  Plenty of huges!
Un look muy simple y un poco lady.  Para las que os guste ir arregladitas al trabajo un día cualquiera. ¡Un beso fuerte! SEMrush, Mailchimp Hostgator Webempresa

my trip to DUBAI

27 mayo, 2014

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I´ve been to Dubai for some wonderful days. We enjoyed a 4×4 trip over the desert, a bereber dinner, a cruise, the biggest shopping centre of the world, the tallest building of the world, the only hotel of the world with 7 stars… In Dubai they only want to […]

navy office

22 mayo, 2014

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Supercomfy look. And supersimple.  But sometimes you surprise me. Because you´ve seen this look in Instagram and you´ve loved it, above all, the shirt and broken pants.  By the way!! When you read this post, I´ll be in Dubai with friends.  I´ll back in a few days with beautiful […]