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black headband

11 febrero, 2014

 photo rebelattitude_6142.jpg
In love with this kind of looks. Monochromatics colors with skinny jeans and maxisweaters. The original touch comes from the silver necklace and the black midi headband. And for a comfy day, these just discovered wonderful wedges.
Enamorada de este tipo de looks. Tonos monocromáticos en pitillos con maxijerseys. La […]

A. Park

7 enero, 2014

 photo rebel_4493.jpg
Did you receive many presents yesterday? I hope so.  In my Instagram you can see how my puppie finished yesterday, haha.  Talking about these boots, you have asked a lot about them.  They´re really high quality, comfy and original boots.  Happy with them! So here you´ve got another look […]

pink college

28 noviembre, 2013

 photo rebel_1242.jpg
Young look to go to work.  Everything in grey and denim tones mixed with fuchsia color.  I love this color in order to break with serious or androgynous looks.  By the way, this season bombers are coming strongly. In winter you can wear them down your coats!
Look juvenil para […]

baseball cap

25 noviembre, 2013

 photo rebel_7.jpg
Somebody is using incorrectly my name in INSTAGRAM, I’m so angry. Please, take note of my real account: @rebelattitude (and not @rebelattitudes!!!).
This is the first cap I show you in the blog.  I have use them above all in my sport activities, but lately everything can happend, and […]

red leopard

22 noviembre, 2013

 photo rebel_1815-1.jpg
Este otoño mi cazadora motera está siendo una extensión de mi brazo.  Casi siempre la llevo con tonos grises, blancos o negros, pero el rojo es otro color que combina perfectamente con la piel negra.    Otro detalle, animáos a echar un vistazo a las camisetas boyfriend de ASOS.  Son […]