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8 abril, 2014

 photo rebelattitude_0054.jpg
Last sunday after doing sport with friends we enjoyed that sunny day taking some beers.  Through this post you can see two more people with me, they´re my friends. That´s the funniest of shootings: the making of.  I think I will show you these king of pics more often […]

dots on red

2 diciembre, 2013

 photo rebel_3365.jpg
Take a look over the contrast of my white blazer and this young shirt from Flamenco Chic. I love the result. Elegant, even wearing it with boyfriend jeans.
Fijáos cómo contrasta esta preciosa y juvenil camisa de Flamenco Chic con blazer blanca. Me gusta el resultado. Elegante, aún combinándolo con […]