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23 octubre, 2014

 photo 5.jpg
Today, an apparently masculine look thanks to this boyfriend long blazer mixed with my eternal black leather skirt, so veteran in my wardrobe.  If you don´t want to wear heels, you can turn them into black oxford flats.  You will get a very english outfit.
Hoy un look aparentemente masculino […]


30 septiembre, 2014

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Good morning! Ummmmmmh, this is one of those strange mixes that I do sometimes when I´m keen on finding out unexpected good results. In order to go different! It´s a beach jumpsuit with an old boyfriend belt, my beige blazer and my white converse sneakers as final key.
¡Buenos días! […]

navy office

22 mayo, 2014

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Supercomfy look. And supersimple.  But sometimes you surprise me. Because you´ve seen this look in Instagram and you´ve loved it, above all, the shirt and broken pants.  By the way!! When you read this post, I´ll be in Dubai with friends.  I´ll back in a few days with beautiful […]

dots on red

2 diciembre, 2013

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Take a look over the contrast of my white blazer and this young shirt from Flamenco Chic. I love the result. Elegant, even wearing it with boyfriend jeans.
Fijáos cómo contrasta esta preciosa y juvenil camisa de Flamenco Chic con blazer blanca. Me gusta el resultado. Elegante, aún combinándolo con […]