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overknee boots

28 enero, 2014

 photo rebel_5672.jpg
I think I´ve got this dress since I lived in Madrid, some years ago.  Never appeared on this blog before, in spite of wearing it many times.  I was keen on wearing it with a bomber jacket, a tribal necklace and overknee boots to get a rocker look.  Kisses!!
Creo […]

pink pale beanie

19 enero, 2014

 photo rebel_4763b.jpg
A very simple look: pink pale sweater, large and wide, and the same way in the case of this boyfriend white shirt.  The objective? Combining them with a very skinny jeans and heels.  Plenty of kisses!!
Look muy sencillo: jersey en rosa pastel, amplio y largo, así como la camisa […]

dots on red

2 diciembre, 2013

 photo rebel_3365.jpg
Take a look over the contrast of my white blazer and this young shirt from Flamenco Chic. I love the result. Elegant, even wearing it with boyfriend jeans.
Fijáos cómo contrasta esta preciosa y juvenil camisa de Flamenco Chic con blazer blanca. Me gusta el resultado. Elegante, aún combinándolo con […]