black jumpsuit

30 julio, 2015


Today is my last day in Spain. I’m crazy programming posts of august, preparing thousand of errands and suitcase… saying goodbye to family and friends … Destination? Minnesota USA. It will be a unique and exciting experience where I will discover the urbanite part -Minneapolis- and especially the most emblematic area of this state, the lakes of Minnesota. Trekking, cycling, sailing, running and, of course, improving my English.

By the way, I hope you like the look of today! Especially the sunglasses, because they give to a black styling an amazing life . A big kiss!!

Hoy es mi último día en España. Estoy como loca programando post, haciendo mil recados, maleta, despidiéndome de familia y amigos… ¿Destino? Minnesota en EEUU. Va a ser una experiencia única y muy emocionante donde conoceré la parte más urbanita -Minneápolis- y sobre todo la más emblemática de este estado, los lagos de Minnesota. Mucho trekking, bici, navegar, running y, cómo no, mejorar mi inglés.

Por cierto, ¡espero que os guste el look de hoy! Sobre todo las gafas de DFACE, que aun estilismo negro, le dan una vida increíble.  Recordad que en su web podéis personalizar las gafas a vuestro gusto.   Un besazo.

Gafas – sunglasses – Dface (here)
Mono – jumpsuit – Zara (ss 2015)
Zapatos – sandals – Shein (here)

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  1. Ann

    Hah! I used to live in Minneapolis and it’s an *awesome* city, just very cool. It’s often called the «San Francisco» of the Midwest U.S. – and it’s true. Make you spend time in the Uptown area of Mpls – it’s fabulous; go eat at Chino Latino in Uptown. Go to Lake Harriet, Lake Calhoun, and Lake of The Isles — all in the Uptown-ish area of Mpls. Also visit The Walker – great art gallery with both modern and ancient collections. Foshay Tower in downtown Mpls and St. Anthony Main….SO many things I could recommend!!!

    1. Edurne Autor

      woooooooooooooooow, thank you very much for your comment!! i´m flying tomorrow and I will be living there with friends from Minneapolis, so I´ll tell them what you have recommend me. Kisses!! 🙂

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